About United SHaadi

Started in April 2017, by Ekta Agarwal Murjani. 

About the curator:

"I am an Indian woman from Mumbai, India. After an eight year long distance relationship with my partner, I got married and wrapped up life in a suitcase to move to the United States in 2016. It was not easy but love makes every reason worthwhile. 

Back home, I was involved in a family logistics business. When I was engaged, I managed my entire wedding planning. This helped me unleash my creative side and discover my passion to create innovative wedding ideas. I named the company after my mother, "Usha,"which means dawn. 

UShA is a wedding planning portal where you can get innovative ideas ranging from vintage to contemporary. As no two couples are alike, we strive to make sure that no two weddings are alike. Every couple has ideas on how they want their most important day to be like. We give shape to those ideas by creating mood boards of thematic decor, bespoke gifting, wedding attire and much more.

We help you reach out to vendors, pick your wedding outfits, assist you on your trips to India for wedding shopping, etc.  

If you are a vendor, and wish to be a part of the United SHaadi Vendor list, please fill out the vendor form.

 If you are a Bride/Groom to be, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure to give you an unforgettable experience. We wish to make your special day even more special!