About We.Desi

We.Desi is a brand that offers products like ethnic accessories, beauty care products and home decor, mixed with creativity and a little bit of eccentricity.

Founder of We.Desi, Ekta A. Murjani aims to deliver design aesthetics with charm, wit and a craftsmanship, which finds a timeless audience. Bringing you feminine, classic, and unique collection. The brand caters to people who are looking for pure, organic and handmade products. 


These products are carefully chosen from select artisans of India. 

The sole purpose of the brand is to provide you a unique experience of heritage of India.


If you are looking for safe, natural and handmade products rooted in India, you can buy these items from our exclusive We.Desi Shop

Since all our products are outsourced, we have a limited collection. For a custom or a bulk order, please reach out to us at info@unitedshaadiofamerica.com.

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